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Below is a series of powerful sermons presented by Herb Montgomery at Central Center of Worship, April 15 - 16. To watch a presentation, click the corresponding "Watch" button. The worksheets presented are also available. For more information on Herb Montgomery and his ministry, visit

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 See, Think, Feel, Live (4/15/11)

See, Think, Feel, Live -  PDF
Of Legends and Lore -  
The Gospel -  
Why Think This is True -  
 The Single Most Asked Question (4/16/11 - 11 am)
The Single Most Asked Question - PDF
 Intrinsic or Imposed? (4/16/11 - 2 pm)
Intrinsic or Imposed? PDF
 The Awakening (4/16/11 - 7 pm)
The Awakening -  PDF

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