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Speaker Ron Halvorsen
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Come as you are. Bring a friend. Better yet, bring two friends 
Speaker Ron Halvorsen, Sr., is a master storyteller  with a favorite subject: Jesus Christ. Ron’s devoted his life and his 40-year career to sharing passionate, honest and captivating presentations in locations around the world to people of all ages. When Ron isn’t weaving stories, he authors books, walks the beach, goes fishing with his grandkids, and treasures his wife, Carrol. Ron and Carrol call Florida home. Their adult children—Ron, Jr., and Diane—follow their parents’ tradition of loving people and telling stories about Jesus.


Fri - Early Bird Special  -5 pm - Health Expo
Fri - Sept 30-7 pm    Jesus -  Unique Son of God
  In the blur of myths and misconceptions, just who is
  this Jesus Christ?

Sat - Early Bird Special - 5:30 pm - Margie Salcedo
Sat - Oct 1-7 pm       Jesus - Unique Helper
  Why human suffering? Where is God when I hurt?
   A snapshot of the will of God.

Sun - Early Bird Special - 5 pm - Health Expo
Sun - Oct 2-7 pm      Jesus  - Unique Law-Giver

  A snapshot of Jesus the law-giver
Mon - Oct 3 - 7 pm   Jesus -  Unique Creator
  Who are we? Why are we? Where are we going?
  Come and zoom in on the essentials of life.

Tue - Oct 4-7 pm        Jesus - Unique Savior
  Why do I need to be saved? Why did Jesus have to die?
Wed - Oct 5-7 pm      Jesus - Unique Forgiver
  What is the only sin God cannot forgive?  Have you
   commited it?

Fri - Early Bird Special - 5 pm - Health Expo
Fri - Oct 7-7 pm  Jesus Foretells the End Time
Five end time signs show us we are nearing the end of  
  time.  Don’t miss this one.

Sat - Oct 8 - 7 pm             Jesus Unique Coming King
   Don’t miss this important message.  How will He come,
   why will He come, when will He come    
Watch LIVE
In concert,
October 1, 5:30 p.m. Margie Salcedo Rice

Margie Salcedo Rice, is a contemporary gospel singer, who has been performing gospel and classical music since the 1980's.  Her  music spans from the traditional classics to original contemporary Christian.  She features live orchestration with strings, and her inspiring vocals  have electrified audiences and provided a powerful vehicle to spread the love of Christ.