Albuquerque Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

"The place to be!"
1/02/10   ML07 From Your House to Ours
1/09/10   ML08
 One Brick At a Time
1/16/10   CCA10 Crestview Service 
1/20/10   ET01 History Hangs on 8 Kings
1/23/10   ML09 Transformers
1/27/10   ET02 New World Order 
1/30/10   ML10 A Text Message
2/06/10   JM05 Keep the Old Man Dead  Johnny Mata
2/10/10   ET03 The Coalition 
2/13/10   ML11 Largest Search Light 
2/17/10   ET04 
God's Coalition
2/20/10   ML12 Together Again
2/24/10   ET05 The Alarm Is Sounding 
2/27/10   LB01
 Be Still & Know
3/03/10   ET06 
Time No More
3/06/10   LB02 Feeling vs. Principle
3/10/10   ET07 
Earth's Harvest Time 
3/13/10   LB03 Whats Really Important 

3/20/10   SC10 Garbage In, Garbage Out
3/27/10   CS01 
Church Service 
3/27/10   SWAU10 
Holy Space, Holy Time Dr. Eric Anderson
3/31/10   ET08 Kingdom of Grace Ends 
4/03/10   ES10 Easter Program
4/07/10   ET09 The Result of King Seven
4/10/10   LB04 Why Am I Worth? 
4/14/10   ET10 Why So Many Earthquakes?
4/17/10   LB05 Balance 
4/21/10   ET11 The Greatest Event 
4/24/10   LB06 Love Relationships 
God Loves You Too Ep. 1 
God Loves You Too Ep. 2