These Standard Operating Procedures are provided to give new team members a basic understanding of how we should be operating our equipment. There is always room for improvement and if you find a better way for you to operate this equipment, by all means do so. But keep in mind, the easy way isn't always the right way. Our goal is to provide a quality product for our viewers.

Cameras (31JUL2022)
Sanctuary Computer (1JUL2022)
Sanctuary Soundboard (20NOV2022)
Video Switcher/iMac Computer (13NOV2022)
Livestream Soundboard (20NOV2022)
Sanctuary Startup/Shutdown (1JUL2022)
Production Office Startup/Shutdown (13NOV2022)

NOTE:  These files are updated as needed. The dates listed are the dates of the latest upload revision.

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