Media Ministries

Important Advisory:

1) We know we are having streaming issues and are working on the problems. Unfortunately, it seems the problems are different every week. 

2) We have fixed the problems that we could, increased our bandwidth and updated programs which has fixed some issues, but new ones keep cropping up.

3) Even amidst the problems, so far we have always been able to restart and continue streaming. 

4) If you are streaming, and it stops, please refresh your screen. If that doesn't work, exit the website, wait a few minutes and try again. Worst-case so far has taken 10 minutes for us to start streaming again after we lose connection.

5) If none of the above works, you may have to go to Vimeo. After you get in the ABQ Live link, there is a link that says "About ABQ Central Live." That will take you to Vimeo. Once there, click on the most recent choice for current streaming.

6) We normally do not stop streaming for poor quality as it usually fixes itself, and parts of the service are recorded, so stopping during those times would disrupt recording. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing extremely poor streaming quality, you may wish to just watch the recording on Vimeo later. 

6) We apologize for the inconvenience and are continually exploring ways to get back to perfect streaming.


Missed a sermon or want to listen again? 

On this page you will find links to our weekly sermons and other media.

Here is the link for our online sermons: Pastor's Sermons

  (Click on the sermon to view the video, or find the audio file under "Resources" on the right, below the video)


Miss the seminar, The Real Truth About God, or want to watch the presentations again?

Click here for links to the presentation videos, audios, and handouts.


Click here for photo gallery of New Baptisms conducted in June 2017.


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Here are links to our current bulletins, and our past bulletins.