Determine Your Direction, Today!


"We must keep going in the direction that we are now headed."

Philippians 3:16


Pastor Rick McDaniel tells of a couple on vacation in Hawaii. They went

out to snorkel at a beach near their hotel. They were mesmerized by

the beauty of the coral, and the variety of fish.

At some point, the husband lifted his head out of the water, and what

he saw shocked him. Without realizing it, they had been caught in a

riptide! Focused looking downward into the water, they had never

looked up. And once they finally did, they realized they had drifted

more than a mile out to sea! The shoreline and hotel looked like a

mere blip in the distance.

Fortunately, they had a body board which they used to

begin furiously

paddling back to shore. It took more than an hour before finally they

reached the beach and collapsed exhausted in the sand. They were so

close to disaster on a day intended to be a relaxing time at the beach.

Have you ever looked over your life and realized that in ways—you’ve

drifted too? You realize that you are far away from where you hoped to

be. Somehow, you’ve drifted.

How can we maintain clear direction and avoid drifting in our life?

Philippians 3:16 says, We must keep going in the direction that we are

now headed. If we are not moving toward the goal, we will drift.

It’s first good to honestly acknowledge where you are right now. Where

are you at with your spiritual life? Where does God want you to be? If

you don

t know where you are going, you could end up drifting to a

destination you would not have chosen.

Determine your direction today. Decide that drifting ends now!


‘Christ in you’ He can set you back on course! And by His grace, you

have not drifted so far away that you cannot get back on track!

In His Joys,

Pastor John :)