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What inspires you to live healthfully?

"Eight Laws of Health"

1. Nutritious food (ideally a plant-based diet).

2. Exercise regularly and often to improve your body, mind and spirit.

3. Water, drink plenty of it.

4. Sunshine.

5. Temperance: use good things moderately; avoid bad things.

6. Air.

7. Rest well, remembering that the best rest follows labor.

8. Trust in divine power as you make choices and seek inner peace.


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Come and join us as we dive into another topic in the 8 laws of health series.

"Rest to Impress"

We will explore "Why we need rest to feel and perform our best."


21 May 2023, 5:00 PM


Albuquerque Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

Questions, call 505-313-1019


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