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Welcome to the club page for the Central Sentinels Pathfinder club

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Still not sure (click here); watch this short video that highlights club activities for the last year (2020/2021).

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Pathfinder Registration:

Click the link below to access Pathfinder Registration forms:

Club Membership Application

Medical Release

Event Permission Slip

Media Release Form

COVID-19 Screening Form

Click here to access the online Pathfinder registration form.


Dues: There are dues for club membership.  Details will be provided in the Pathfinder pre-enrollment packages and during registration.


Uniforms: Click link to view additional information about uniforms.

Click below links to view 2016 Update to uniform chart:

Uniform Shirt - Patches/Ribbons/Pins

Uniform Sleeves - Patches/Billet Stripe/Stars-Chevrons

Uniforms are owned by the individual person.  Club will provide uniform patches/badges on initial issue only.

Club will not purchase or buy previously used staff/pathfinder uniforms.

Note: There are some uniform tops in the Pathfinders’ closet that new pathfinders and staff can purchase at a discount.  The club will help with those who are having financial burden in purchasing the class A uniform. 

Click here for additional uniform information.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Opportunities to volunteer throughout this year are also available. If you are interested in volunteering your time please let us know. More information can be provided if you are interested.

Needed: Pathfinder Class Teachers.  Contact club leadership if you are interested in serving in this vital position.

Contact Richard Wical for details: 505-503-7685.

Staff Reimbursement:

All supplies and equipment are reimbursable through the established club reimbursement process.  Contact the club treasurer for details.
Staff can access the reimbursement form here.



#7 Club Meeting will be held on 5 Dec 2021.  Honor Activities will include Drilling & Marching, Camp Cooking - Part 1, and PBE Practice

Honor Activity: The Van Why's are hosting a star-gazing event in support of the STARS honor. Come and take a look at the wonders of the universe and enjoy some Pathfinder fellowship on 5 Dec 2021 (see calendar for details)

Honor Activity: Video Tech support on 18 Dec 2021 by honor candidates in the following positions: office sound board, camera operator, video director, and computer operator.  Contact Joe Cardana or Richard Wical for more information.

#8 Club Meeting will be held on 19 Dec 2021.  Honor Activities will include Knot Tying, Tie Dye Part - 1, and PBE Practice

Honor Activity: Video Tech support on 8 Jan 2022 by honor candidates in the following positions: office sound board, camera operator, video director, and computer operator.  Contact Joe Cardana or Richard Wical for more information.

#9 Club Meeting will be held on 9 Jan 2022.  Honor Activities will include Drilling & Marching, Hot Air Balloons Part 1, Joseph Skit (Casting), and PBE Practice

Honor Activity: The club will be conducting a snow-shoe hike at the Sandia Crest on 12 Dec 2021.  Participants will be awarded the Snow Shoeing honor upon successful completion of the activity.  Snow-shoe's will be provided by the club.  Staff and Pathfinders must bring a bag lunch and water for the day.  Contact Richard Wical for details.

#10 Club Meeting will be held on 23 Jan 2022.  Honor Activities will include Knot Tying, Uniform Inspection (Class A), and PBE Practice

Honor Activity: The club will be Video Technology Practical on 29 Jan 2022.  Participants will be tasked as videographers, sound booth technicians, video support technicians as part of this honor activity.  Staff and Pathfinders will be in their field uniform for this event.  Contact Richard Wical for details.

Are you ready for some fun?

The International Camporee moves west in 2024. (Click link to see video)

Say hello to Gillette, Wyoming, the new home of the International Pathfinder Camporee!

Click here to register/purchase tickets to attend from 5-11 Aug 2024.

General Admission (13+), patch included: $225 

Junior (Ages 9-12), patch included: $225 

Staff Child (ages 4-8), patch included: $125

Staff Baby (Ages 0-3), no patch: $0 


Club Fundraiser: 

Floral Decorations

Janet Van Why has prepared several floral arrangements for purchase as part of a "Grab & Go" fundraiser.

The below items are displayed on the Pathfinder table in the foyer in an effort to raise money for the club..













Simply make a decision on which arrangement you would like, place you donation in a offering envelope, complete the donor information on the envelope, drop the envelop into the Pathfinder donation box.  Simply, Grad, Donate, and Go.

Thanks for your support.


Sweetheart Dinner and Cake Auction

The club will be hosting a fundraising event on 12 Feb 2022.  You are invited to participate in the annual Sweetheart dinner (staff by club Pathfinders).  Tickets will go on sale in Jan 2022.  In addition to the dinner, there will be a cake auction for cakes prepared and decorated by the club pathfinders.  A minimum bid will be posted at the time of the auction.  Any questions can be directed to Len (Treasurer) or Joyce (Quartermaster).


Calendar: 2020/2021

Staff Meeting: 

10 Dec 21 (V), 7 Jan 22 (V), 11 Feb 22 (V), 11 Mar 22 (V), 8 Apr 22 (V), 6 May 22 (V), 12 May 22 (P - Investiture Document Close-out), 13 May 22 (P-Master Guide Advisory Committee), 15 May 22 (P-Investiture/Carnival), 3-5 Jun 22 (P-Staff Camping Trip), 10 Jun 22 (V)

Note: (V) stands for Virtual meetings using Discord video chat application, (P) stands for Physical meeting at the church.

Club Meeting Times: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Club Meeting Dates:

Club Meeting 7: 5 December 2021

Club Meeting 8: 19 December 2021

Club Meeting 9: 9 January 2022

Club Meeting 10: 23 January 2022

Club Meeting 11: 6 February 2022

Club Meeting 12: 20 February 2022

Club Meeting 13: 6 March 2022

Club Meeting 14: 20 March 2022

Club Meeting 15: 17 April 2022

Club Meeting 16: 1 May 2022

Club Meeting 17: 15 May (Pathfinder Investiture/Family Carnival)

Note: See church website calendar for details.


Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE):

The club has formed a PBE team which consists of the following Pathfinders and staff:

Grace Flores (Captain)

Aaliyah Roper (Scribe)

Amberlynn Martinez

Hailey Avery

Iliana Alcantar



Tony Rodriguez

Anneke Conyne



Jim Wilson

MG Richard Wical


The PBE practice sessions will be conducted physically during club meetings.  

Practice sessions will utilize the Kahoot application to test the team's knowledge. 

The Kahoot sessions will cover each chapter of the following books: Ruth and 1 Kings.  

Go to your favorite app store to download the Kahoot application.

The following PBE schedule is established:

PBE Practice 3 - 5 Dec 21

PBE Practice 4 - 19 Dec 21

PBE Practice 5 - 9 Jan 22

PBE Practice 6 - 23 Jan 22

Area PBE Event - 5 Feb 22

Conference PBE Event - 26 Feb 22

Union PBE Event - Mar 22

Division PBE Event - 22-23 Apr 22



The Pathfinder Pledge

By the grace of God

I will be pure, kind, and true

I will keep the Pathfinder Law

I will be a servant to God

And a friend to man


The Pathfinder Law                                                          

Keep the morning watch                                                  

Do my honest part                                                               

Care for my body                                                                 

Keep a level eye                                                                     

Be courteous and obedient                                            

Walk softly in the sanctuary 

Keep a song in my heart

 Go on God's errands