Spiritually Healthy Christians



Dear Church Family:

I hope you’ve had a blessed summer and that the kids among us are off to a great start in school!

My daughter hosts a podcast called Echo and Encourage: 


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I’ve included one that I did with her while I was visiting her last Christmas. While it is ‘Part 1’ for now—it does introduce a very important and relevant discussion needed among

God’s people: How do we become emotionally, as well as spiritually healthy Christians? How do we offer a form of spiritual first aid for those who are being hurt as well as for those perpetrating the hurting? 


These kinds of  questions aren’t easy to answer but I believe churches need to be more intentional about developing some kind of first aid and ministry for those within the church who are hurting, and learn as a church to VALUE loving and respectful relationships. 


The more we learn how to experience emotionally healthy spirituality the better we are equipped to identify dysfunctional and toxic behavior both in its OVERT and COVERT manifestations, and to address it in a redemptive way.


Through prayer, equipping, mentoring, and valuing loving and respectful relationships, we can even launch healing ministries to the hurting OUTSIDE our flock. The possibilities of the Holy Spirit’s power, and the compelling, attractive witness of emotionally healthy spirituality, holds amazing potential for needed ministry in these chaotic times. 


We still have much to cover in the area of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and spiritual warfare—but that will help open the door to see the NEED for HEALING ministry both within the church and ultimately, to those God leads us to. 


We love you church family!


PJ :)


P.S. Jump ahead to 1:25 on the video if you'd like to avoid the promo ad!