The Best Gift We Could Ever Hope For!

D.A. Carson writes: “The resurrection of Jesus Christ carries with it many, many wonderful implications. The first is that it vindicates Jesus. In other words, some people thought that if Jesus died on the cross, it could only be because he deserved it. He was declared guilty by a Roman court. And the Old Testament itself insists that anyone who hangs on a tree is under the curse of God.


But as it turns out, he did not die as a condemned man because of his own sin. Rather, he was bearing the sin of others, and that sacrifice so pleased God that God raised him from the dead. Thus, his resurrection is a form of vindication. It is proof positive that when Jesus said with his dying words, “It is finished,” God agreed. His Father agreed. The work of redemption had been accomplished, and the Father vindicates Jesus through the resurrection!”


That insight really spoke to me because it reaffirms the REALITY of the great gospel that our infinitely loving God has brought to a lost world! It’s the BEST gift we could ever hope for! And it’s TRUE!


Forgiveness, a new heart, and eternal life with our Savior is NOT a fictional creation in a book or movie; and it’s not even the wistful wishes of a wayward planet. It’s all for REAL! For ALL of f US! And all because God so loved the world and Jesus was willing to pay the price—He was able to conquer death and the grave and offer that same life to us!


Thank You, thank You, thank You, heavenly Father and precious Savior, Jesus for the great REALITY and PRECIOUSNESS of this life-giving gift!


Happy Easter!


Pastor John :)