Pathfinder Uniforms

 Pathfinders wear a uniform that identifies us as a club.

We are very proud of wearing it as it tells a story of each club member as an individual.

We request that you purchase the top and bottoms, belt, sash, scarf, and ties for your child.

Note: Depending on the size, the uniform will cost between $45-$60 plus tax and shipping.  
The guidelines on the approved uniform are included below:

NAD/Texico Conference Class A Uniform Guidelines:

The uniform makes the organization real and visible. It represents an ideal and a standard.

One of the ways to set up a standard and bring the members of an organization up to that standard is through the uniform.

It should stimulate loyalty toward that standard by building morale and binding members into closer fellowship. It also appeals to those not already members to join.

The uniform strengthens club spirit.

The uniform should always be clean and neat.

Wearing one that fits properly will go a long way to make it look sharp.

The uniform should be worn with “humble pride.”

We should remember that it acts as a visual announcement of Pathfinder ministry, and should draw questions from observers concerning the meaning of each patch and symbol.

Uniform Should Be Worn

Note: It is recommended that those having uniforms wear them on the following occasions.

• At Pathfinder meetings

• At special programs (Pathfinder Day, Induction, Investiture, etc.)

• At any public gathering when any or all act as ◦ Messengers ◦ Ushers ◦ Guards of honor ◦ First-aid details ◦ Color guards ◦ On occasions as specified by Pathfinder staff 

• While engaging in missionary outreach activities, such as Ingathering, distributing food baskets, gifts, literature, or church announcements, and while visiting nursing homes, shut-ins and community organizations.   

Uniform Should Not be Worn

• If not a member

• For work or play

• When engaged in selling for personal profit, in selling for commercial or political purposes, or in personal solicitation

• At any time or place when its wearing discounts the organization, or casts any reflection upon the uniform, lowers its dignity and esteem, and makes it commonplace

Ordering Uniforms:

Uniforms are ordered through Advent Source,

5120 Prescott Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68506.

Call 800-328-0525 or visit or web site at: